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July 3, 2017

Think About It: School Start Times

As we hit the middle of summer and visions of a new schoolyear and a new schools superintendent become a reality next month, the time hascome once again to formally look at the time school starts each day. Moreresearch continues to be done on the topic of school start times, and moreindications are that pushing the start of the day back would allow for moresleep and thus better performing students, which sounds like a really good ideafor administrators, teachers, and parents.

There is no question that there are logistical problemsinvolved with pushing the start of school back to at least 8:30am daily, butmore and more states and schools are giving it a go. Civil beat recentlyreported on the efforts at Kaimuki High School's efforts to start later and theresearch surrounding that effort done by Chaminade sleep research analyst,Tracy Treverrow. Kaimuki High will start classes again at 9am for the 3rdyear in a row, having switched from an 8am start time. Indications are that theplan is working there.

Melatonin levels, circadian rhythms, and brain developmentissues all come into play for adolescents and youngsters as to why this ideamakes sense. After all, if you're half asleep at the first bell, how much canyou be expected to learn or retain day after day? Only two high school herestart after the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended school day start timeof at least 8:30am. Schools in Colorado, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Washington havemade the change to later start times- it's worth looking into. A bright idea toencourage brighter students. Wake up and smell the coffee, just a little later,please. Think about it…

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