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July 20, 2017

Think About It: Texting Lawbreakers

The City Council approved a bill last week that makes it acrime for people to look at their phones or other electronic device whilewalking across the street. Fines will be issued for guilty parties who arecaught. The mayor is looking closely at the bill's details. Not a day goes bywhere you don't see people busy looking at their Angry Birds, Candy Crush, orvital update on Justin Bieber while walking in an intersection, usuallyoblivious to traffic. Add to that the ignorati texting as they cruise throughthe intersection or make a right turn on red, and well… the possibility for asad news story is out there every day.

OK, but what do we do about the people just as clueless whotalk on the phone while walking on the streets? That habit did not get includedin the bill. And what about people who gab with friends in the intersection orpick at their French fry bags with heads down while walking? Those social normsare apparently still appropriate in the early 21st century here inHonolulu.

Remember way back when people used to walk and actually lookat the sites around them? Or watch a movie and actually talk to each otherafterwards before checking their phones? Ah yes, that was a simpler, morepastoral time- like, five years ago. 4.2-billion people text nowadays. 81% ofAmericans text every day. 97% of American adults text weekly. 95% of texts willbe read within three minutes of being sent. Average response time is90-seconds. Heck, some couples don't respond that quickly when theirsignificant other is sitting in the same room. Well, maybe this newtexting/walking law will change some of these ridiculous and addictivebehaviors in Hawaii. Hey, thumb guru. Heads up and I mean heads up, HPD iswatching you. Think about it…

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