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August 14, 2017

Think About It: Open House, Open Mind

Public school is back in session, and this provides a greatopportunity for every parent or guardian to get actively involved in making adifference for your child. How? Well, that's a great question, and everybodyhas busy schedules and time constraints. So maybe the best thing for you to dois to simply attend your school's open house event. Meet the teachers, say "hi"to the principal, chat with a counsellor or a coach.

After all, if your keiki see that you care enough to meetand greet and maybe provide some help for a classroom or a given function,maybe that will help reiterate to them just how important school really is.Maybe knowing that Mom and Dad are involved will instill extra pride and maybea little more focus. It doesn't mean you'll make promises you can't fulfill orpledge an unwieldy amount of time and commitment, but maybe you can be involvedin a project, or for a short window of time over the next nine months.

After all, committed parents surely enhance the probabilitythat their child will get more involved. It works on outside sports teams andhula halau. It works in private schools. By showing that you care beyondgeneric simple messages like "do your homework", you possibly will allow yourchild to realize more opportunities and greater classroom success. And if yourstudent plans to go to college, maybe seeing you involved in person willpromote that success, which allows for more options when it to collegeselection; life should always be about pleasant options. Check out Open Housethis year and make a difference. Think about it…

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