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August 17, 2017

Think About It: Peace of Mind

Take nothing for granted. A reverse way of saying be grateful for every day, but it makes sense.Your friendships, your health, your family, your home- take nothing forgranted. And that include peace in our country in our lifetime here at home.Last week marked the 8th annual Peace Walk in Honolulu, an eventcommemorating the anniversary of the dropping of last atomic bomb releasedagainst humanity back in 1945 in Nagasaki. A time to reflect. We know what anatomic bomb can do; but as it's been awhile, do we dare imagine a nuclear bombthat might be 1,000 time more powerful than an atomic bomb?

Time dulls the memory. While this country has been involvedin wars and conflagrations since World War II, it's been 75-years since we've trulyand decisively won a war, and the price for that one was devastating on manyfronts, from the Far East to Europe. We have seen terrorism here at home, andwe cherish our freedoms. We must always be vigilante. But with rancor andbravado in the air about nuclear capabilities and threats coming from NorthKorea these days, we need to remember the dire consequences of ramped upemotions and the cat and mouse games that comes with shows of power that mightbe done to prevent a conflict, but could be misconstrued and lead to desperatemeasures by skittish regimes bent solely on survival.

When you hear our military might fly above you here fromtime to time, imagine what it's like to live in certain areas of the MiddleEast or other places that have experienced conflicts time and time again overthe past 75 years- where that loud din and activity is sometimes the norm, andnot just an exercise. International peace in our lifetime might be above thecapability of mortal man, but we should never take for granted the serenitymost of us have experienced in our lifetimes as concern and uncertainty areweighed regularly these days. Hopefully, level thinking will rule the day as weremember to take nothing for granted. Think about it. 

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