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August 21, 2017

Think About It: With Aloha

The Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association promotesHawaiian culture, values and traditions in the workplace. You've probably seenthe clever interpretation of the word aloha as an acronym for Akahai, Lōkahi,Olu`olu, Ha`aha`a, and Ahonui. If you haven't seen it, look it up; it'srelevant and refreshing, especially these days with constant acrimonioussniping and cheap shots the rule in our nation's capital.

Ah, but did you know that there is an "Aloha Spirit Law" ofHawai`i? Codified in 1986 by the Hawai`i State Legislature, it basicallymandates that our elected and appointed state officials "may contemplate andreside with the life force and give consideration to the ‘Aloha Spirit'". You'dlike to think that the people in charge here would consider their daily wordsand actions with reference to this law, yet we all know the reality of humansengaged in emotional debate. Sometimes, civility is left behind.

Sadly nowadays, we watch the farce playing out regularly inWashington, D.C., where even the concept of acting like a grown up is inquestion far too often these days, you have to wonder what an "Aloha SpiritLaw" would mean there. Nothing. But this law was passed here with muchforethought, not simply as a frivolous gesture. It is in place and meant toinstill and remind those people responsible for enacting legislation andjudicial edicts that affect us all to act with the best virtues of our nativeculture. So if you, the electorate, the people of this state, the future ofHawaii, don't see that happening, feel free to remind those in charge toremember their philosophical roots and our 31-year old law. Think about it…

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