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August 28, 2017

Think About It: Star Struck

The eclipse last week was great, though we didn't get to seemuch of it here due to angles and all. Work productivity dropped or stopped allacross the country as people looked, but not too closely we hope, at this rarephenomenon. Space exploration is really cool. We have a chance, though it mightbe slipping away as the clock ticks, to be the home of an amazing telescopeamid obvious controversy. We hear from time to time about possible exo-planetsor systems way out there that might, just might, contain water or earth-likeatmospheres. One of these orbs is apparently only 22 light years, or 132trillion miles away, which means at current space craft speeds, it would takeabout 100,000 years or so to get there- just to see if it's habitable.

Sometimes space talk and some dreams seem rather silly. Yes,exploration is great; it's gotten us to where we are today as a species. Butwe've got enough issues on earth that really smart people who look up couldprobably help a great deal with if they would just look down- or under- theearth's surface or the oceans. No, I'm not a killjoy, and I did enjoy at leastthe first series of "Star Wars" movies, but sometimes the vague notion thatthere might be something or someone out there seems to override the fact thatwe could sure use more help from smart minds and scientific money to resolve someissues right here at home, on planet Earth.

We should always dream big and make our goal to reach for thestars in many endeavors, but we also need to work pragmatically, intensively,and relentlessly to explore the best means of discovery right here in our ownsolar system and on our current planet to ensure that we can thrive for thenext millennium or two. Like Dr. Spock said: "live long and prosper". Thinkabout it…

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