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September 28, 2017

Think About It: Unhip Tip

According to Square, a financial services, merchant services aggregator and mobile paymentcompany, Hawaii is the cheapest state in the country… well, at least when itcomes to tipping. Yes, Hawaii ranked dead last among all states and theDistrict of Columbia with an average tipping rate of 14.9%. The national tipaverage is 16.4%, so Hawaii is not that far off the norm. Utah is the tipcapital at 17.4% so the total range is just 2.6%.

So why would itbe in a place where people will give you their time and their heart that weappear not to be great in rewarding our servers? Well, maybe it's partlycultural. After all, some countries simply don't believe in tipping and perhaps visitorsfrom those countries aren't used to or informed about our norms or standardtipping expectations. Perhaps also some people perceive the prices they payhere- like for food- to be higher than they're used to paying, so maybe theyslice a bit off the post-meal tip in response or protest.

Interestingly,some lower income states rank toward the top of the tipping scale, withMississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, and West Virginia among the ten most generoustipping states. The data comes from over two million sellers across the countryand includes millions of credit and debit transactions. The suggested tippingrange these days remains in the 15-20% range, as a general rule. I believe itwould be unfair to suggest from this data alone that Hawaii people are cheap,by any means. We know that's not true. But since wage levels here and the costof living just to survive are constant subjects of concern, here's hoping thatthe quality server that waits on you gets what he or she surely deserves. Thinkabout it…

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