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November 30, 2017

Think About It: Chicken Shift

Two weeks ago the Honolulu City Council deferred a bill that would have banned polystyrene foam food containers. Despite the supposed facts that the clamshell replacements might end up costing a bit more, may not keep food as hot, and could leak or even break, Maui and the Big Island had already voted to squash the Styrofoam containers on December 31, 2018, and July 1, 2019, respectively. So if the councils on Neighbor Islands can see the wisdom and value in junking the junk, why can't Oahu?

In the legislators' eyes, there must be enough of a protest base against banning these items locally on Oahu, or this would've been a done deal by now. A legislator, at any level, is only as good as his or her ability to remain employed in that position. Duh. Alienate too many potential voters on any number of issues, and you might find yourself on a park bench, eating a plate lunch out of a Styrofoam container next November- unemployed, of course. So if the plastic bags conundrum has not been solved yet after how many years of discussion, proof, dead fish, and supposed finalization, it is no wonder that we have a deferral on the Styrofoam dilemma. We simply don't like making decisions where there could be some rancor. So, we stall.

Reusing, recycling, alternative forms of plates and utensils- all of the good arguments couldn't sway the Council to make up its mind; for now, they say. This issue will be back. And if enough voters- forget common sense- dictate that now is finally the time to take better care of our land and water, maybe this eggs and plate lunch container bill will pass. For now, the elected ones look like plate lunch mochi chicken. Think about it…

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