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November 27, 2017

Think About It: Scary Escape

A guy gets on to a charter flight to Maui using a fake ID… No, it's not a fictional movie plot or the start of a bad joke, rather it is part of a rather unnerving tale of a State Hospital escapee who has been at the hospital since a 1981 acquittal be reasons of insanity related to a 1979 murder at Ala Moana Center. Having failed in numerous attempts to get more freedoms by various medical and mental experts, this person managed to leave the grounds of the state facility in Kaneohe, take a cab to the airport, took a charter flight to Maui, and then used a phony ID (another scary reality) to continue on to San Jose, California, where he was quickly apprehended thanks to an alert cab driver, thank goodness.

As expected, people were suspended, procedures will change, safety factors will be tightened up, etc., etc. But why is it that we far too often seem to let things go until something bad or potentially bad happens before acknowledging that steps should have been taken long ago? There is the case to be made for dealing with those things which are important sometimes before we start dealing with those that seem urgent, but in the big picture are really not so urgent.

Long-term goals and missions often require dealing with important things a bit more quickly and judiciously, and not just pushing them off. Wait too long on your health and getting appropriate tests, and suddenly an important, seemingly general issue can become an urgent one, if it's not too late. We all escaped a potentially tragic mess with the escape and capture of a deranged individual. It's been 10-days. The best lesson to be learned from this snafu and wake-up call should not rest solely with the State Hospital as it obviously revamps policies and procedure. The lesson learned should be with any entity or individual who says too often "Oh, I'll tend to that later; it can wait". Think about it…

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