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December 14, 2017

Think About It: A Taxing Situation

What part of the concept "independent consultant" is so difficult to comprehend? The entity hired to oversee the overhaul of the antiquated, failing state computer system had fingers in its pie far too often, it seems from people who should and do know better. The only time I've heard the word "meddle" used in a good way is when referencing the album "Meddle" by Pink Floyd, and that was released 46 years ago!

We consistently show an apparent leadership void at so many major moments in time here on issues like the TMT, homelessness, affordable housing, the Waikiki Natatorium, the Stairway To Heaven, etc. We have the uncanny ability to meddle, to call for further studies, to minimize needed change by just doing the same old, same old. We elect the same officials over and over with minimal quality opposition, I get it, yet wonder why things don't get resolved which would obviously involve some bruised feelings and wounded egos. It's because far too often we would rather get along and go along than do the right thing or the necessary thing.

Avoid conflict, competition, situations of unease, responsibility, and blame. No make "A". I get it, to some degree. Who wants to be the fall guy or the scapegoat? And yes, drama sucks, except when it's in our music or on our TV, digital and movie screens. Drama is bad for your physical and mental health. Avoid it whenever possible. But resolution and admitting wrongs is part of the deal, especially for people in high places- like elected and appointed officials. But not to worry. We can now have a study and an analysis by a committee to determine whether meddling occurred and who is at fault. No one is apparently at fault far too often in far too many situations. It's the system, and hey, I just work here. I'll smile regularly, put in my time, get my pension and lifelong medical coverage, and someone else can fix it later. Please, just leave me alone. Think about it…

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