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January 29, 2018

Think About It: And It Continues….

Great to hear that the governor has got his Twitter account log-in details and password. Just one more reminder last week that this false alert fiasco continues to find new ways to sadly entertain us. And then we had the governor's annual "State of the State" speech last monday, which we were proud to broadcast live right here on KFVE when other stations opted not to air this address. Alas, like you, we were dumbfounded and disppointed that the governor made nary a mention of how things were progressing on alerts and emergency procedures. Really, like maybe we forgot about it already? Or this was already discussed so we're done?

Perhaps I'm naïve, but a statewide, once a year address to the people of Hawaii sure seems to me like an appropriate moment in time to start providing reassurance that somebody has a clue on how to better coordinate emergency proceedings. Apparently not. Apparently it's time to just move on and talk in general terms, again, about housing and homelessness and other huge issues facing this state. But that silly button pushing, end-of-the-world, nuclear missile thing, we'll get back to that later. You know, enough already.

And here's yet one more nagging thing. Let's not spend too much time addressing blame, especially on individuals supposedly doing their jobs with tests and texts and such. It's the crappy systems- plural- that failed us on a number of fronts. Those need to be fixed, and fixed by many smart people working with many official entities- civilian, local, federal, and military- you now, those who didn't coordinate the delinquent systems very well in the first place. And finally, just to be crystal clear in a muddy world, it is the terrestrial media that best informs people immediately- TV and radio- for those are your best resources and more trusted locations by which most people still get vital, perhaps life-saving data. Twitter and Facebook- fun, social media, not always trustworthy, and not where many of us will ever go to find out what's going on. Let's make sure the communication systems work to quickly reach people at all levels. Hashtag- Think about it… 

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