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February 26, 2018

Think About It: Year of the Hawaiian

It wasn't a front page story, there were no fireworks to kick it off, so that might tell you something about its overall value or relevance, unfortunately, but the governor proclaimed 2018 as the Year of the Hawaiian via a Senate resolution on February 16. I hope this celebration or acknowledgment brings with it a pro-active effort to deal with some of the issues confronting our hosts in the year 2018 and beyond. After all, in my mind last year and next year will also be the years of the Hawaiian, as were the past couple of hundred years here.

For it is truly the love for the culture and the initial settlers here that makes the concept of Hawaiian and Hawaii so special. It is a culture steeped in a stories of integrity, faith, connectivity, and respect for the land, ocean and humanity which continues on proudly today with so many challenges, yet also so much opportunity to teach not only those who live here, but tens of millions of others who either visit or understand, even at a surface level, that there really is something special about the concept of being and living Hawaiian.

Let's hope that in this Year of the Hawaiian, powers that be deal with cultural issues left unresolved high on a Big Island mountaintop or in the quest for real answers on what is sovereignty. Let's make sure that more focus is given and more answers are found related to housing, education, and health issues which disproportionately affect keiki o ka `aina. Yes, if this really is to be the Year of the Hawaiian, then let's see real action springing forth from this resolve. If we're going to recognize and commit to the Hawaiian community in 2018 through a proclamation, then let's make sure we continue to do so in 2019 and beyond, to remind all people living here amid this rich culture and tradition that the concept and reality of being Hawaiian is central to our daily, local lives, is the benchmark for how we act toward all. This should never be taken for granted in a profound place that so many of us happily call home. Reinforcing, fixing, taking responsibility to augment change- that would really be nice to see in the Year of the Hawaiian. Think about it…

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