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March 19, 2018

Think About It: City Lights… out

How many Honolulu City Council members does it take to screw in a light bulb? I don't know, because they simply can't agree on who should go up the ladder, and who should place the old bulb in a recycled bin, and then who should move that bin inside and outside… well, you get the point.

It seems like the shenanigans of moving the deck chairs on the City council Titanic get rearranged every year or so as some faction is unhappy with another faction, and someone needs to make big body because they have further political aspirations, and politics becomes the elephant in the room far too often. In other news, a 3rd grade class broke down during art period today at a windward side school because nine nine-year olds simply could not figure out how to share their scissors, crayons, and pens. All of the kids refused to comment, even after being put in timeout. No pictures were therefore drawn, as a simple quorum could not be established. But all of the kids did pledge to use this experience to seek public office in the years to come.

OK, back to the original question- just how many councilmembers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Based on the annual City Hall charade of gamesmanship, you might suggest that it doesn't matter, because even when a lightbulb comes on, it won't be very bright, or right, and someone will say there's too much shade, and surely outsiders could argue that the whole "Groundhog Day", movielike scenario is like a repetitive dim bulb. Think about it…

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