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April 12, 2018

Think About It: Chicken Spin

You probably heard about the feral chicken problem which has popped up once again in various places throughout Oahu. It is also an obvious issue on Neighbor Islands. After the last program a couple of years ago resulted in a city of Honolulu cost that came out to $108 per chicken caught, that program was fricasseed. Now the city says it will try to work with the state on how best to handle the growing and clucking problem.

One major area of concern is that the chickens don't just stand there, awaiting capture. They choose their flight over fight response, and once they head to private property, well, now you've got liability concerns and other issues. Yes, now you do know why the chicken crossed the road- to avoid capture on public property. One solution suggested using chicken infertility drugs, but that might become a religious issue , so forget it. Another idea was to use youngsters to collect chickens for a reward- but that's probably slave labor, and wait until the kids find out where the chickens (or chicks) end up. Now you've got post-traumatic stress counseling issues, so forget it.

This is not a joke. We need this noisy nuisance to be negated. We need to ferret out these fertile, feral fowl. We have to have a change in official philosophy, a real chicken shift. Heck, even the top restaurants in town don't charge $108 per chicken. Let's hope that the city and state can come up with a plan to mitigate the marauding miscreants, and let's hope that we can soon say that the answer was as easy as duck soup, whatever that means. Think about it…

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