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May 14, 2018

Think About It: Cable Babble

As Kilauea continues to ooze or pour out its soul, I reflect back to what I heard during national cable coverage of this catastrophe two weeks ago. As one commentator showed footage of the lava, another said in a snarky tone: "…the downside of paradise… pack up your surfboard and move along". As if that were the case or even half the truth for the people of Pahoa and beyond. But it was a smug way to lead to a commercial break.


Ignorance and arrogance are always perpetuated by people repeating myths, half-truths, and lies. It's a major reason the rift widens among people in this country in general, and it's one reason why the world has so many areas of smoldering concern. The impression that Hawaii is simply a paradise where everyone just goes around with a surfboard is a tired cliché, borne on the tides of age old photos, pictures of mai tais with beach umbrellas, and grand misperceptions. Those who live here and those who have visited and taken the time to dig an inch beneath the surface understand that the plight of those in Madame Pele's way are affected much like people in New Orleans were after Hurricane Katrina, like those on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the shoreline, and like those who live in Florida or along the banks of the oft-times flooding Mississippi River.


Floridians are not referenced as sun gazers. Oklahomans don't leave after annual tornadoes, Missourians are not universally lumped into a "show me" state generalization, even when they are shown time and time again that floodwaters do rise. So while the cable news commentator was trying to be cute, she got under my skin with her stereotype garbage, as Leilani Estates' people's property and futures go up in flames. Wake up, people. Educate yourselves and others, and stop the stupefying now rampant in vapid discussions, on cable TV, in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. The world needs more soul searching and fact-based intelligence. Think about it…

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