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May 24, 2018

Think About It: Economic Cents

Three weeks ago, a very astute Pearl City high school seniorhad his plea for financial literacy education editorial printed in the HonoluluStar-Advertiser. While we have bi-annually, it seems, lamented here the lack offinancial education required for our student somewhere along the educationalline, it was wonderful to read the poignant comments of the Ethan Kwon,valedictorian this year at Pearl City High School.


What we now need is for the DOE and legislators to look atwhat it would take to mandate that, somewhere between middle school and thefinal cap and gown date of high school, our public schools teach kids how toread a balance sheet, balance a checkbook, understand the pitfalls of studentdebt, mortgage debt and charging too much on credit cards. The time has comeand it's done elsewhere. While some local schools have an internal champion andadvocate, from time to time, it's hit or miss.


We get it with driver's ed., physical ed., hygiene ed., anda whole heaping of literature and world history. But when it comes to common senseabout dollars and cents, we simply pass the buck, or ignore the buck. The timehas come for a logical discussion and plan, amid a very busy workload in placeat schools, to teach our kids about the real world of finance. Economicliteracy and personal finance should not be an option; it is essential andneeds to be taught in our middle and/or high schools as it is in about 17 otherstates. As they say, "if it's not tested, it's not taught". Let's change that.Think about it…

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