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June 4, 2018

Think About It: Bill Kill Will

As we await the exciting conclusion of that hit show, "To Veto or Not To Veto" that takes place annually this month, let's look at one legacy of this year's legislature. 229 bills were passed between the Senate and the House, but that's out of a total of 2,260 bills that were introduced. But let's be serious, perhaps 1,000 bills were introduced to merely appease a certain constituent base or some heavy donors, with little chance of real activity.


2,260 introduced bills plus 815 resolutions that theoretically needed massaging, tweaking, debate, backroom discussion, vetting, committee work, and then unilateral agreement from both legislative sides in order to move forward to ultimate passage, or not. All done within the mandated 60 day working period, which excludes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and designated recess days. Imagine plowing through 2,260 pieces of legislation with rigorous attention paid to details, ramifications, and reasonable counterpoints in such a short window.


Is this realistic and in the best interests of the voting public for a part-time legislature? While we annually seem to expect more from our legislature, is it fair to assume that part-time lawmakers who have other business interests can really set aside their lives to dig deep and fully fathom all that crosses their desks during a 60 day working window? Or should we re-assess how our legislative and/or our bill introduction systems are set up? Are we doing what's most efficient and best for the people, or are we simply following same-old, same-old protocol? Maybe something to ponder for a possible Constitutional Convention down the road. Think about it…

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