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June 21, 2018

Think About It: Kilauea's Slow Torture

We must remain sensitive to the plight of what's happening on Hawaii Island. Yes, stories and visuals day after day from the east side of the island might make you feel like it's déjà vu all over again, but the reality is that this is a dynamic situation affecting our neighbors, and it will continue to affect them, and perhaps more of us, in the weeks, months, and maybe even years ahead. No one knows how this story ends; it simply unfolds.


The ash, vog, sulfur dioxide, methane, hydrochloric acid, limited visibility, olivine glass particles- the list of airborne horrors goes on and on, day after day. More must be done to solve problems today and down the road as wind drifts present more issues for even more people not in the immediate vicinity of lava flows and fissures.


As mentioned here before, most natural disasters come and go, and people begin the laborious process of cleaning up, rebuilding, or finding a new place to go. But the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature on the Big Island precludes even the most akamai optimist or volcanologist from knowing what's next, or where. There is no aftermath to speak of yet, no final recollections of what happened when it happened. It's still happening, oft times painfully slowly, as the lava marches on, along with Kilauea sharing all of the chemicals that have come into play. So do not grow weary of this six-week old saga, as it is still unfolding and requires attention, as our neighbors and family need government leadership, answers, and our support and help. Think about it…

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