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July 2, 2018

Think About It: Sham of A Farcical Mockery

Not a great week for state entities last week… First we got word that, according to a co-worker, some of the kids who run things day to day at the state Emergency Management Agency were either watching TV, movies, or asleep while on the job at times.On the heels of a false nuclear alert, that's not good, right? While names were mostly redacted in the report shown to the media, it was surely Moe, Larry, or Curly who are guilty in this one, yeh? And the movie they watched was "War Games", so perhaps that counts as training for false alerts…


And then we had yet another management change at the Hawaii Tourism Authority, with the CEO being let go. Yet it seems nowadays there is more of a request from some locals for fewer tourists rather than fewer management statt at HTA. Over the last four years, 11 HTA staffers have left or been asked to leave, which is an eye-opener, considering that HTA has just 30 employees total (when fully staffed), including contract workers. Oh, and the HTA appointed chair- his term ended this past weekend, with no apparent political will to retain him from the governor and tourism-involved legislators. Heck, this is starting to sound like the horror film series "The Purge", or, as we see it locally, it looks like just another year at the Honolulu City Council, where the deck chairs on that Titanic are re-arranged just about every year or so.


In the meantime, we have record tourism numbers amid strife and political gamesmanship, with concerns about vacation rentals and too many ignorant guests overrunning our precious ecosystem, thanks in part to good old social media gone wild. Is it any wonder that people question authority, leadership, and the value of voting here? When far too often the people in charge- either elected people or volunteer helpers- simply can't seem to get along or do what appears necessary to make their organizations run right? Actually, voting is the best way to ensure that at least you have some say in what goes on and with whom. Not that the choices here in the voting booth are always optimal, but you do get to decide and make a difference… Think about it…

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