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August 6, 2018

Think About It: Taxing Times

Tax cuts… a popular concept inevitably thrown out there by many politicians running for many offices over many campaigns, both locally and nationally. And who doesn't like the idea of government taking a smaller bite out of our paychecks, land, homes, or our retail purchases. It's as easy to throw the concept out there as it is to talk about improving the education system or taking better care of our aina for future generations.


Ah yes, but then come the details. How do you continue to pave roads, pay for infrastructure needs, repair parks, upgrade sewers, ensure safe drinking water, upgrade schools, pay teachers, et al., without making sure that there is sufficient money to pay for all of these essentials? It is easy to talk about government waste, red tape, and redundancy, but the bloated systems that have evolved over decades do not allow for simple solutions, or else local politicians have simply failed us for 60 years by promising and not delivering.


We want less traffic, less crime, fewer homeless people, sewer pipe breaks, and potholes, better parks and cleaner restrooms, better schools to fully prepare our kids for college and the working world- and it always comes down to this- at what price, and what and how are you willing to pay for it? Before you vote this time, make sure that seeminmgly simple, profund pronouncements made by your possible vote getters have a modicum of rationale and some factual details spelled out for you to judge and then either endorse, or realize how vacuous these pontifications can be year after year. Think about it…

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