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Battling Jetlag: The Warrior Way

The Warriors have three games on the road this year and every time they travel, players and coaches have two things to battle: the other team and jetlag.

The last thing the UH Warriors want to worry about when they're on a road trip is jetlag.

"There's things you got to worry about in the game. They don't want you worrying about jetlag and getting tired and stuff," says Jacob Espiau, UH Warrior. 

But playing on the mainland can take its toll on the Warriors.

"I remember playing TCU, you know, we were playing six in the morning or something. And that's pretty rough," says Chris Brown. 

"We've traditionally had problems with jetlag just given our location," says Dr. Andrew Nichols, team doctor. 

So defeating jetlag is key to helping the Warriors defeat their opponents. Jetlag affects almost everyone on a long flight, especially if you're flying west to east. As a general rule with jetlag....

"It takes about a day per hour of time change," explains Dr. Nichols.

But if you do the math, it'll take five days to adapt to a new time zone. And that's not possible because these players have to go to school. So, when Coach June Jones jumped on board, he made a switch in practice times.

"The team now practices in the morning. Practices from 7-9 am. We found out that it coincides more with the time that they're playing," says Dr. Nichols.

The circadium rhythm, better known as your body clock, allows athletes to perform better at certain times of the day.

"They're able to gradually go into more the time zone in which we'll be playing, which is often a five hour difference."

Since the change, there's been a dramatic difference.

"I don't know, but it works," says Espiau.

There are other ways they deal with jet lag.

"We really promote hydration. We also encourage them to eat good meals and when they get there to take a nap," says Dr. Nichols.

The Warriors are back in business now they've found a way to defeat jetlag.

"It's a business trip, we're going there to beat those guys and come right back home," says Chris Brown.

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